Get charged up

Electric vehicles are here! They can save you money, are cleaner and fun to drive – all while helping advance a clean energy future. FPL has one of the cleanest vehicle fleets in the nation and is committed to the advancement of electric drive technologies.


Benefits of Electric Vehicles

Save money

Charge your electric vehicle (EV) for less than the equivalent of $1 per gallon. In fact, as an average EV driver you will save more than $1,400 annually on fuel and maintenance costs.*

Drive clean

Electric vehicles charged with FPL’s clean energy produce 90 percent less NOx, a greenhouse gas known to produce smog. Even when upstream power plant emissions are considered, electric vehicles are at least 70 percent cleaner than gas-powered vehicles.

Have fun

Driving electric is exciting! Quick and quiet acceleration due to instantaneous torque translates into an enjoyable driving experience.

Advance clean energy

“Fill up” with affordable clean energy produced right here in Florida. FPL is committed to advancing solar energy to help deliver zero-emissions energy to all customers and continues investing in modern high-efficiency energy centers that use clean, U.S.-produced natural gas.


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*Ripple Effect: “The economic impact of electric vehicles in Florida” AECOM. 2017. Prepared for Florida Power and Light Company.

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