FPL Solar Energy Centers

Today, FPL is the largest generator of solar energy in Florida with 33 solar energy centers in operation and numerous other solar installations, totaling more than nine million solar panels.

Our newest solar energy centers entered service in 2020 with more scheduled to begin generating solar energy in 2021.

Solar energy centers are virtually silent, operate autonomously and without water. The panels sit low to the ground, and the layout of each site is unique to lessen impacts to wetlands and surrounding areas.

Below, learn more about some of our solar energy centers generating zero-emissions energy in Florida.

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The FPL Miami-Dade Solar Energy Center is the largest solar investment in the county to date and is one of many investments we’re making in clean energy infrastructure throughout the community.

Current solar energy centers

Pioneer Trail

Completed in 2019, the FPL Pioneer Trail Solar Energy Center is located just south of SR-44 and west of SR-415 and is the first solar center in Volusia County.

Current solar energy centers


The FPL Interstate Solar Energy Center is the fourth solar center on the Treasure Coast. Situated along southbound I-95, millions of drivers will have a chance to see solar up close.

Sunshine gateway solar energy center

Sunshine Gateway

Florida visitors will be greeted by solar panels at the FPL Sunshine Gateway Solar Energy Center, which is located near the intersection of I-10 and I-75 in Columbia County.

Hammock Solar Energy Center


The FPL Hammock Solar Energy Center in Hendry County generates 74.5 megawatts of solar energy and was completed in 2018.

Animals in front of blue cypress solar energy center

Blue Cypress

Completed in 2018, the FPL Blue Cypress Solar Energy Center is the second solar center in Indian River County. Sheep graze the fields, helping trim the grass.

Two employees at barefoot bay solar center

Barefoot Bay

The FPL Barefoot Bay Solar Energy Center is located in Brevard County. Its name pays homage to the nearby Barefoot Bay community.

Loggerhead solar energy center


Located in St. Lucie County, the FPL Loggerhead Solar Energy Center celebrates the area’s favorite part-time resident: the iconic Loggerhead sea turtle.

Coral farms solar energy center

Coral Farms

The FPL Coral Farms Solar Energy Center in Putnam County is one of eight solar energy centers FPL brought online in early 2018.

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Situated on the border of Alachua and Putnam counties, the FPL Horizon Solar Energy Center is one of eight solar energy centers we brought online in early 2018.

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The FPL Wildflower Solar Energy Center, one of three solar energy centers in DeSoto County, launched the FPL-Audubon Solar Stewardship program.

Indian River Solar Energy Center

Indian River

The FPL Indian River Solar Energy Center is one of four solar energy centers FPL has built on the Treasure Coast so far.

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Completed in 2016, the FPL Manatee Solar Energy Center in Manatee County is a stone’s throw from FPL’s natural gas-fueled Manatee Plant.

citrus solar energy center


The FPL Citrus Solar Energy Center is one of three solar energy centers in DeSoto County. It was completed in 2016.

Sign of babcock ranch solar center

Babcock Ranch

Located in Charlotte County, the FPL Babcock Ranch Solar Energy Center opened in 2016.

Employee smiling in front of Martin next generation solar

Martin Next Generation

The FPL Martin Next Generation Clean Energy Center was the world’s first “hybrid” solar and natural gas power plant.

Space coast solar center

Space Coast

Located in Brevard County, the FPL Space Coast Next Generation Energy Center was built in 2010 through a partnership with NASA’s Kennedy Space Center.

Animals at Desoto next generation solar

DeSoto Next Generation

Florida’s first solar energy center – the largest of its kind in the U.S. when it opened in 2009 – is the FPL DeSoto Next Generation Solar Energy Center.

Current solar energy centers

Twin Lakes

The Twin Lakes Solar Energy Center in Putnam County is one of 20 solar power plants that will be dedicated to supporting the FPL SolarTogether™ program.

Current solar energy centers

Blue Heron

The first in Hendry County, the Blue Heron Solar Energy Center was also built to help support the FPL SolarTogether™ program and began generating solar power in 2020.

Current solar energy centers

Echo River

Located in Suwanee County, the Echo River Solar Energy Center is just off I-10 and the first in the county. It also features tracker panels, which follow the path of the sun throughout the day to increase the amount of energy produced.

Current solar energy centers


The first in the county, the Okeechobee Solar Energy Center features approximately 330,000 solar panels and went into service in May 2020.

Current solar energy centers


Situated on Westlake’s west side, the Hibiscus Solar Energy Center sits on 400 acres and is the first solar power plant in Palm Beach County.

Current solar energy centers


Located on County Road 62 just outside Duette on 630 acres, the Southfork Solar Energy Center generates enough energy to power 15,000 homes.

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