A brighter future we can all share

Due to the overwhelming interest in the program, customers will now be enrolled on a first-come, first-served basis based on subscription availability. Be among the first to be notified as spots become available – it could be as early as one week!

Powered by the sun. And by you.

The FPL SolarTogether™ program will create a cleaner environment – lowering your carbon footprint, saving you money over time, and producing more affordable energy. Together, we’re making the future of Florida even brighter.

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Did you know?

The nation's largest community solar program, FPL SolarTogether™ is helping make Florida a leader in solar energy.

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How It Works

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1. Bringing even more solar to Florida

Increasing the amount of solar energy available makes accessing the benefits of solar easier and more affordable than ever. The SolarTogether program is offered to all FPL customers, whether you rent or own your home, condo or business – no matter where you live in Florida.

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2. Lower your bill over time

As a participant in the program, you can choose to get up to 100% of your energy from solar*. Pay a fixed monthly subscription charge and immediately start receiving bill credits. Over time, your credits will be more than your monthly charge, lowering your bill.

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3. Energy we can all share

The FPL SolarTogether program is making solar energy easy and more accessible. Join the movement for a cleaner energy future by lowering your carbon footprint. Together, we can create a cleaner tomorrow, keeping Florida beautiful for generations to come.


One year of solar energy in your home can equal (with a 7kW subscription*):

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    6.56 tons of  CO2 emissions avoided

  • Car image

    14,767 miles of driving avoided

  • Tree image

    98 trees planted

The environmental CO2 emissions equivalence (miles driven and trees planted) are statistic from Environmental Protection Agency’s Green House Gas Calculator.

The SolarTogether program gives everyone the opportunity to participate in the benefits of solar. Download and share the brochure with detailed program benefits.


You can still be part of Florida’s clean energy future

Don’t miss your chance to join thousands of customers enjoying the benefits of participating in solar. Join the program’s waitlist to be among the first to be notified when subscription becomes available.

What this means to you:

  • Subscriptions will be allocated on a first-come, first-served basis
  • You will be notified based on the order you joined the waitlist and will have 14 days from the date of notification to enroll
  • You can ask to be removed from the waitlist at any time.
  • Subscription availability can occur when an:
    • Existing participant decreases their subscription; or
    • Existing participant unsubscribes from the FPL SolarTogether program

Have Questions?

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*Program Disclaimer:

FPL SolarTogether program is a Florida Public Service Commission approved limited subscription offering. Subscriptions will be filled on a first come first serve basis. As such, FPL cannot guarantee subscription availability for all customers who wish to enroll. Enrollees are subject to the program terms and conditions. By subscribing to the program, 100% of subscription charges collected will offset the costs associated with building and operating twenty new solar energy centers (1,490 MW of solar generation capacity) throughout the FPL service territory. Participating customers may elect a subscription size that represents up to 100% of their previous 12-month electricity usage as determined by FPL. As a participant of the program you will be charged a monthly subscription fee and will receive monthly subscription credits. Overtime it is projected that the credits participants receive will offset the subscription charges paid; helping lower the participants’ FPL bills. The energy delivered to your home or business will continue to be from all FPL generating sources. If you wish to claim the renewable attributes of your subscription you must elect to retire the Renewable Energy Certificates. For more details on renewable energy certificates please see: https://www.fpl.com/energy-my-way/solar/solartogether-res/faq.html

Through the addition of twenty new solar energy centers (1,490 MW of solar generation capacity), the program will reduce reliance on energy produced by fossil fuel generation facilities.