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Changing the current way we fuel cars



There's a lot to be excited about when you own a plug-in electric vehicle: save money on fuel, reduce greenhouse gas emissions, contribute to greater energy independence and have fun driving! Want to learn more?
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Money in
the bank.

"Plug in" rather than "fill up" and spend 80 percent less on fuel. With residential customer bills that are 26 percent lower than the national average and the lowest in the state of Florida, FPL customers can charge up for even less.

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the air.

Say goodbye to tailpipe emissions. The only emissions from driving electric come from the power plants that generate electricity. And this is far less than burning fuel in a car's engine here in Florida.


yourself from foreign fuel.

Reduce your reliance on foreign fuel and "charge up" your plug-in electric vehicle with electricity generated primarily from U.S. energy sources. Less than 1 percent of all FPL power comes from oil.

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the Ride

Feel the excitement of responsive – but quiet – and smooth acceleration. Enjoy sophisticated screen displays. Check your charge status on smart phone mobile apps. Have peace of mind knowing your plug-in electric vehicle meets or exceeds U.S. safety standards. And enjoy the convenience of avoiding gas stations and "refueling" at home.
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Drive Happy.

Imagine yourself hitting the road in a plug-in electric vehicle. Whether it's a pure battery electric vehicle that runs entirely off electrons, or a plug-in hybrid electric vehicle that uses a combination of battery power and fossil fuels, you've got options – with more than 20 models expected to be available by 2016, with styles ranging from a traditional sedan to a luxury sports car. Scroll through the gallery for some quick facts on some of the plug-in electric vehicle makes and models on the road today…
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Your ride

Are you ready to experience what it would be like to drive electric? Click on your favorite car to see for yourself a typical day behind the wheel of a plug-in electric vehicle.

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