At Florida Power & Light, the largest electric utility in Florida, environmental excellence means being a responsible steward of our state’s resources. These include the air, water and land we all enjoy. It also means being a careful conservator of life in all its forms, and the natural habitats and ecosystems that sustain it.

Being good stewards of the air we breathe means producing clean energy, like we do at our emissions-free Turkey Point Nuclear Power Plant located in Homestead, FL just south of Miami. Turkey Point’s 5,900-acre manmade cooling canal system offers ideal nesting conditions for the American crocodile. The shy reptiles comfortably settle into numerous small “island-like” land formations known as berms located throughout the system, which offer ideal nesting conditions and a vast supply of food. The canals, located near the crocodiles’ natural coastal habitats, also provide first-rate shelter for the animals. One hundred and sixty eight miles of cooling canals make up a closed loop, re-circulating water system, which works somewhat like the closed cooling system in a car. The car’s water pump circulates water from the engine block to the radiator for cooling. From there, the water is recirculated back through the engine block. Four large, powerful circulating water pumps at each of the plant’s two nuclear units take cooling water from canals at Turkey Point and circulate it through a condenser. The water then flows back to the closed loop network of canals. The canals act like a giant radiator to cool the water before it is circulated back to the condenser for reuse.