Changing the current

It's all about you

It's how we start each brand new day. Looking for ways to change things for the better. Challenging everything we know, every day. Pushing efficiency, reliability and responsibility to new limits. And then pushing them again. Making us more energy independent than ever before. Finding ways to keep your energy bills low. It's our promise to you. Because we don't just work here. We live here too.

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Closer to energy independence

Changing our energy future

We're making foreign oil a foreign concept by tearing down older plants and building cleaner, more efficient ones that run on lower cost "Made in America" natural gas. It's working. We've reduced our foreign oil dependency by 98 percent, while building plants that are 33 percent more efficient and 90 percent cleaner than the ones they're replacing. That's an energy future that's good for all of us.

In the business of your business

Changing reliability for the better

We continuously invest in our system to ensure your lights are on, your equipment is running and your doors stay open. It's working. Over the last three years, we've improved service reliability for businesses by 28 percent. We're not stopping there.

Let us help your businessFind ways to save energy, manage expenses and boost your bottom line.

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More U.S. energy for Florida

Changing the current approach

It started with a simple idea. Begin each day challenging ourselves to change things for the better, like finding new ways to reduce foreign oil dependency. A big part of the answer is a new, modern natural gas pipeline that will bring more affordable, cleaner, "Made in America" energy into our state. It would also help secure a stable supply of this valuable resource for Florida for years to come.

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Saving you money

Changing the current perceptions

For about the same price as your favorite cup of coffee, we power your entire day. In fact, our bill is 24 percent lower than the average of all other Florida utilities. That's a savings of more than $350 per year! And we'll keep working to give you the most reliable energy and lowest bill in the state.

Putting control in your hands

Changing our technology

Wouldn't it be great to have a superpower, like being able to prevent problems before they happen? That's the idea behind our smart grid. It helps us detect and prevent problems before they become outages. It also lets you see how much energy you're using through a personalized online dashboard, and discover new ways to save energy and money. That's a superpower we can all use.

Energy DashboardTrack your energy use and take more control over your monthly bill.

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The road to savings

Changing the current way we fuel cars

Plug in and save. With a plug-in electric vehicle, you can charge up for approximately 80 percent less than what you usually spend at the gas pump - it's like paying 77 cents per gallon! They also help to cut air emissions and reduce dependency on foreign oil, which is easy to get revved up about.

Plug in. Be happySee if an electric vehicle is right for you

  • Changing the current standards

    Reducing foreign oil dependency by 98%

  • Changing the current way of thinking

    Building power plants that are 33% more efficient

  • Changing the current expectations

    Delivering the lowest electric bills in the state

  • Changing the current

    We're changing Florida's energy today to create a better tomorrow for all of us