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Modernizing FPL’s energy system for greater customer savings

At FPL, we’re committed to delivering clean, reliable energy while keeping our customers’ bills among the lowest in the nation. We continue to modernize our energy system, making smart investments in advanced power generation technology and replacing older, outdated power plants with high-efficiency facilities. That enables us to produce more energy and significantly lower emissions.

As part of our ongoing program to further improve FPL’s fleet of power-generating facilities, we are upgrading our system serving Southeast Florida. The future FPL Dania Beach Clean Energy Center will replace outdated power-generating units that previously operated on FPL-owned property in Dania Beach, Broward County.

Fueled by U.S.-produced natural gas, our future new energy center will be one of the cleanest, most efficient facilities of its kind in the world. Using advanced “combined cycle” technology, the facility will also reduce FPL’s overall use of natural gas system-wide.

FPL’s investment in modernizing this location will be a huge win for our customers throughout Florida. Compared with the existing plant, our proposed facility is projected to generate $337 million in net savings for FPL customers and significantly cut air emissions. It will also produce substantial economic benefits for the area, including an estimated $297 million in tax revenues for the county, school district, local communities and other taxing authorities after it begins operations in 2022.

The facility successfully completed comprehensive reviews from numerous federal, state and local agencies to ensure it meets strict environmental and other requirements. Florida’s Siting Board unanimously approved the project in November 2018.

We have now started dismantling the existing plant, a process that could take up to 12 months.

Additional information about the future facility follows below. We invite you to stay informed about the FPL Dania Beach Clean Energy Center by periodically checking this website.

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View of old plant

Photo of FPL's Dania Beach plant (1927)

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