America’s best energy value working for you

Delivering clean, reliable power everywhere it's needed across the state and at home so you’re fully charged and ready to go.

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Powering your everyday life

The nation's largest solar expansion along with the world’s largest integrated solar battery storage facility is ready to charge your electric vehicle with solar energy, even when the sun is not out.

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Count on us

America's most intelligent grid is energizing the EV revolution, providing dependable charging options to give you peace-of-mind whether you're at home, at work, or on the road.

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Lighting the way forward

See how we're driving the EV revoluton with more charging options powered by America's most intelligent grid.

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Drive with confidence

Our fast charging network is delivering clean, reliable energy everywhere it’s needed. By building an 800+ mile stretch of fast charging stations, drivers will be able to plug in approximately every 25 miles along Florida's busiest highways.

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Charge at home

Coming summer 2022, enjoy worry-free, faster charging at home with a level 2 electric vehicle charger. There's no upfront costs for equipment or installation, and unlimited weeknight and weekend off-peak charging for one low monthly cost. Keep your EV fully charged and ready to go.

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