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Scams and Fraud

Spot scams


Scammers target FPL's residential and business customers and are known to attempt a variety of scams, including posing as an FPL employee going door-to-door, over the phone and online. Scammers often threaten disconnection unless immediate payment is made via phone or in person. 

Make sure you and your loved ones know the key signs of scams and how to keep from being targeted.

How customers can spot a scam


Unexpected visits

FPL will not show up to a customer’s home or business to collect on a payment.

If an account becomes past due and is subject to disconnection, FPL will contact the customer via a prerecorded message to the primary account telephone and by letter requesting that the customer call FPL to discuss the account.

The company will never go door-to-door asking for payment.

Suspicious calls or emails

Beware of calls and emails demanding immediate payment.

Customer reports have shared scammers will call, usually in a very aggressive tone, requesting for payment through a credit card, pre-paid debit card or gift card.

FPL will never ask for any form of payment over the phone or through email.

No identification

FPL employees are easy to identify.

If an FPL employee has a service-related reason to visit a home or business, customers will in most cases receive notice of the visit beforehand and the employee will always be wearing an FPL employee ID badge with their photo, company’s name and logo.

If a customer receives a suspicious call or email from someone claiming to be from FPL and demanding payment to avoid disconnection, they should hang up, delete the email and contact the company’s customer service line at (800) 225-5797.

line worker

FPL employees such as lineworkers and/or contractors may show up without advance notice for the following situations:

  • Tree trimming
  • Surveying
  • Meter work, etc.

If they do come to your home or business, ask them for identification or ask to see their supervisor who should have an FPL contractors’ badge.

Customers can also contact FPL’s customer service line at (800) 225-5797.

How customers can protect themselves


Avoid suspicious payments

Customers should never share their credit card or debit card information or purchase a prepaid card or gift card to avoid service disconnection or shutoff.

FPL will not ask customers to pay anywhere other than an Authorized Payment Location.

Where to Pay

Ways to Pay

Verify the payment request

If someone requests payment for the threat of immediate disconnection or shutoff of service, customers should disengage right away. FPL customers with delinquent accounts will always receive an advance disconnection notification and will never be threatened with a shut off of service within a short amount of time.

To verify the payment request, contact FPL’s customer service line at (800) 225-5797.

Report the scam to FPL

If customers suspect someone is trying to scam them, they should hang up, delete the email, shut the door and call FPL’s customer service phone number.

FPL keeps records of scam reports and uses them to share the latest scamming tactics to keep our communities educated on scam awareness and protection.

We are dedicated to serving our customers and protecting them from scammers. We are also a proud member of Utilities United Against Scams.

UUAS is a consortium of more than 100 U.S. and Canadian electric, water, and natural gas utilities (and their respective trade associations). UUAS is dedicated to combating impostor utility scams by providing a forum for utilities and trade associations to share data and best practices, in addition to working together to implement initiatives to inform and protect customers.