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Turkey Point facts

Solar Power

The future of solar in Florida is bright, and we’re leading the way in making the Sunshine State a world leader in solar energy. FPL currently operates more than 40 major solar power plants and more than 200 smaller solar installations. We continue to find innovative solutions to advance affordable clean energy for customers and Florida’s growing population.

On cloudy or rainy days, and at night, homes and businesses are powered by some of the cleanest power in the country, through FPL's highly fuel-efficient fleet of natural gas and zero-emissions nuclear power.

Benefits of Solar Power

The benefits of solar energy can be both economic and environmental. Private rooftop solar systems can benefit a property owner, and universal solar energy centers – such as FPL’s solar power plants – deliver benefits to all via the energy grid. Solar power is a renewable energy source that can help promote cleaner air by reducing fossil-fuel usage and greenhouse-gas emissions.

How solar power works

  1. As the sun's rays hit the solar cells, the photovoltaic solar panels produce direct current.
  2. Direct current flows from the panels to an inverter that transforms the energy into alternating current.
  3. Alternating current then helps power up homes and businesses.

View of solar power plant

Our Solar Power Plants

Large-scale solar benefits everyone and is the fastest, most economical way to deliver solar, producing about 2.5 times more energy for the dollar than private rooftop solar.

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