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A brighter future we can all share

Now, it’s easy and affordable for everyone to go solar. Lower your carbon footprint and save money over time.
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Powered by the sun. And by you.

Lower your carbon footprint, save money over time, and help keep Florida beautiful for generations to come. By subscribing to FPL SolarTogether®, you’ll receive bill credits for your share of the solar energy generated at the FPL SolarTogether solar energy centers, lowering your bill over time. 

We are currently fulfilling subscriptions on a first-come first served basis. As capacity becomes available you will be notified of your enrollment.


How the program works

graphic of sun hitting solar panels

1. Energy we can all share

More than 59,000 Floridians have joined the nation’s largest community solar program. Now everyone can go solar and lower their environmental impact as the SolarTogether program grows.

graphic showing energy powering a home with lights on

2. Accessible to everyone

Increasing the amount of solar energy available makes accessing the benefits of solar easier and more affordable than ever. The SolarTogether program is offered to all FPL customers, whether you rent or own your home, condo or business – no matter where you live in Florida.

  • No panels on your roof
  • Works wherever you live – solar energy comes from Florida-based solar energy centers
  • Subscription can be transferred if you move within FPL’s service territory
graphic showing solar energy and a bill

3. Lower your carbon footprint and save over time

As a participant in the program, you can choose to get up to 100% of your energy from solar. Pay a fixed monthly subscription charge and immediately start receiving bill credits. Over time, your credits will be more than your monthly charge, lowering your bill.

  • Subscriptions may only be purchased in 1 kW increments
  • Your subscription charge will not change while you’re in the program
  • You will get bill credits for your share of the solar energy generated at the FPL SolarTogether solar energy centers

One year of solar energy in your home can equal (with a 7 kW subscription)*

6.5 tons of CO2 emissions avoided

14,767 miles of driving avoided

98 trees planted

*The environmental CO2 emissions equivalence (miles driven and trees planted) are statistics from Environmental Protection Agency’s Green House Gas Calculator.

  • FPL SolarTogether is designed to give all FPL customers, whether you rent or own your home, an opportunity to directly participate in the environmental and financial benefits of Florida-based large-scale solar energy, while directly supporting the expansion of solar in Florida.
  • Customers can subscribe to FPL SolarTogether by paying a fixed monthly subscription charge, that fits their budget, and receive monthly bill credits that increase every year for their share of the solar energy generated. It is estimated that over time, credits will increase, lowering your monthly energy bill.
  • No, panels will not be installed on your roof or your property. The power generated by the SolarTogether solar energy centers will be delivered directly to the energy grid, where it is combined with power generated from conventional energy sources in FPL’s system.
  • We received approval in 2021 to extend the highly popular FPL SolarTogether program — more than doubling what's already the largest community solar program in the country spanning FPL's service area — from Miami to Pensacola.
  • The extension will add another 24 solar energy centers, or 1,788 MW of additional FPL SolarTogether subscription capacity, for a total of 3,278 MW or 44 solar energy centers.
  • The 44 solar energy centers will be strategically located across Florida to generate maximum solar output even when it may be cloudy or dark in parts of the state — providing the additional value that comes with generating even more solar energy.
  • We are currently fulfilling subscriptions on a first-come, first-served basis. As subscriptions become available, you will be notified of your enrollment and projected billing date.
  • Subscription availability can occur when an existing participant decreases their subscription, an existing participant unsubscribes from FPL SolarTogether or as additional capacity becomes available from new solar energy centers.

You can be part of Florida’s clean energy future

Thousands of customers are already enjoying the benefits of participating in the nation’s largest community solar program. 

See how the program works and sign up to be among the first to know when enrollment begins.

What this means to you:

  • Once enrollment opens, subscriptions will be allocated on a first-come first-served basis
  • You will be notified based on the order you joined the waitlist and will have two weeks to enroll
  • You can ask to be removed from the waitlist at any time
  • Subscription availability can occur when:
    • Capacity becomes available as new solar energy centers become operational
    • An existing participant decreases their subscription; or
    • An existing participant unsubscribes from the FPL SolarTogether program

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Program Disclaimer:

1. The graphics above are an estimate based on historical data from satellite and ground-based measurements averaged over two decades. While this data is useful in estimating average program credits over the life of the program, it is important to understand that in any given month, season or year, actual credits may be higher or lower than the average. Actual solar generation is influenced by varying weather conditions, such as cloudiness, temperature, the angle of the sun, rainfall and other factors. Due to this weather variability, it is expected that actual subscription credits will vary from the estimate month-to-month, year-to-year or over multi-year periods.

2. Assumes 447 MW in 2023, 745 MW in 2024 and 596 MW in 2025; construction timing subject to market disruption and variability, such as construction delays due to solar panel availability.