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Before You Pay


You’ll see FPL Northwest FL on your bills and when you go to pay them. This will help ensure you have the best experience and receive the correct information at all times.

Here is some other helpful information for you to know before you pay your bills.

Paper bill Your bill will look very similar to how it did before, you'll just see FPL Northwest FL.
eBill Your bill notification will come from FPL_eBill@billing.fpl.com. Be sure to add this email address to your approved senders list to keep it from going to your spam/junk folder.
Receive your bill with CheckFree or your bank When you receive your bill from CheckFree or your bank, you’ll see the biller name as FPL Northwest FL.
Pay online Log in to your account at FPL.com using your GulfPower.com username and password. You may have to enter them upon first login. From there, you can pay your bill the same way as before.
Pay by phone You can continue to call 800-225-5797 to pay your bill for free with your bank account.
Auto Pay The program name is now FPL Automatic Bill Pay®. Everything else remains the same – your payment will continue to be automatically withdrawn from your same bank account on the same withdrawal date.
Pay with CheckFree or your bank If you used CheckFree or your bank to pay your Gulf Power bill, you’ll see the payee name automatically changed to FPL Northwest FL. If not, you can look for and select FPL Northwest FL in the search bar. Make sure not to select the FPL option for a seamless payment experience.
Pay with credit or debit card Credit and debit card payments continue to be processed through Speedpay by using the same website and phone number as before.
Pay at an authorized pay location We encourage you to bring your bill with you when you pay in person so the agent will see the FPL Northwest FL logo. This will remind them to look up your account and apply your payment to the right customer information system. If the agent is unable to find your account, remind them to select FPL Northwest FL (not FPL) as the company name.
Pay by mail You can continue to pay with a check to the same address as before. It will be included at the bottom of your bill. Simply send it in the return envelope provided. Or better yet, pay online or by phone for free.
bill example with FPL Northwest FL logo
FPL Northwest FL

To ensure you have the best experience and receive the correct information at all times, you will see FPL Northwest FL throughout your billing, payments and web experiences.

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