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Region Identifiers

To ensure you have the best experience and receive the correct information at all times, you will see FPL Northwest FL throughout your billing, payments and web experiences.

Helpful information:

  • When you visit FPL.com, you’ll see FPL Northwest FL, at the top of your screen – this is how you’ll know you’re in the right version of the website.
    example region identifier by FPL website logo

  • There may be times when you will be asked to select your region. If this happens, select the region of the account in which you are trying to manage.
    example region selector for FPL and FPL Northwest FL

  • If you have accounts in both regions: You will need to re-login when switching regions to manage each account – this is much like the process you used before between the two websites. Simply click on “FPL Northwest FL” at the top of the screen and make the switch when prompted.

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