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Unconditional Guarantee/Guarantor Contract

If you paid a cash deposit and would like to have it refunded prior to 23 months of prompt payment, you have the option to keep your account secure with an Unconditional Guarantee/Guarantor Contract.

The Unconditional Guarantee/Guarantor Contract is a legal document involving the party requesting the deposit alternative (guarantee) and the party providing payment security in the event of payment default by the guarantee (guarantor). In order to be eligible for this non-cash deposit option, the guarantor must meet certain criteria.

To get started, contact us with your potential guarantor’s account number, service address, name or social security number. Alternatively, you can provide your guarantor with your account number, service address, name or social security number and have your guarantor contact us directly.

Once we have the necessary information, we will send your potential guarantor the contract, which will need to be signed by both parties, notarized and sent to:

Florida Power & Light Company
Attn:  Deposit Administration
RRD\LFO Deposit Administration
4200 W. Flagler St.
Coral Gables, Florida 33134

Unconditional Guarantee/Guarantor Guidelines

  • Both the guarantee and the guarantor must be residential customers and the customers of record on their respective accounts.
  • The guarantor must have 23 months of continuous service and have had their deposit refunded.
  • The contract is not acceptable if it includes any alterations (i.e., information changed by means of whiteout, erasures, etc.).
  • The guarantor must sign his or her name exactly as it appears on the contract.
  • If the guarantee or guarantor has a legal name change, legal documentation is required. However, a new contract is not required.
  • If the guarantor moves within our service territory, a new contract is not required.
  • If the guarantee moves outside our service territory, a new contract is required. The Unconditional Guarantee contract cannot be transferred.
  • The contract cannot be faxed; it must be an original document with original signatures.
  • A guarantee or guarantor may cancel a contract at any time with 30 days written notice to FPL. The guarantee is billed a cash deposit due within 30 days; and the guarantor is only responsible for charges incurred up to the contract's termination date.
  • FPL may terminate the contract at any time if the guarantor no longer qualifies with a 30-day written notice to both parties.

After 23 months of continuous service, guarantees meeting the prompt pay criteria will be automatically removed from the Unconditional Guarantee/Guarantor program and will have their deposit waived because of prompt payment.