Voltage Information

What voltages are available?

We offer the following voltages:

  • Single-phase, 120 volt, two-wire
  • Single-phase, 480 volt, two-wire (street lighting and traffic control only)
  • Single-phase, 120/240 volt, three-wire
  • Single-phase, 240/480 volt, three-wire

In some locations, our system is able to provide service at the following voltages:

  • Three-phase, 120/240 volt, four-wire delta
  • Three-phase, 120/208 volt, four-wire wye
  • Single-phase, 120/208 volt, three-wire (from a three phase, four wire wye system)
  • Three-phase, 277/480 volt, four-wire wye

We follow the rules and regulations noted in the Florida Administrative Code.  We build and design based on standards found in FPL's Electric Service Standards manual. The standards provide detailed information such as the electric voltage offered, requirements, meters, etc. 

What is FPL's policy on installing two different types of voltages and more than one service point for one building?

Our standard practice is to provide a single voltage and a single point of service per customer. However, it is possible to provide a second voltage and additional points of service if:

  • The local inspecting authority approves the installation
  • All electrical and safety codes are met
  • The customer pays the additional costs
    • Note: a maximum of three weatherheads with four conductors (1,000 KCMIL conductor size maximum)

Project Construction

What are your hours of operation?

Our construction offices are open from 7:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., Monday through Friday.

How do I schedule an appointment to disconnect my service?

You may need to have service temporarily disconnected for projects that require electricians to perform maintenance on electrical panels and circuit breakers or to allow painters, tree trimmers and roofers to safely work around power lines.  To do so, contact your FPL Project Representative  to schedule an appointment.  We will temporarily and safely disconnect electric service and reconnect it when work is completed.

Requesting a disconnect or reconnect appointment should be done several weeks in advance. Our Electric Service Standards manual outlines the procedure for a licensed electrical contractor to perform the disconnect themselves.

If I'm a licensed electrical contractor, can I reconnect service myself?

Electrical contractors are not allowed to reconnect the electric service. This work must be performed by FPL after receipt of the electrical inspection. You may be required to obtain a work-with permit depending on your city or municipality requirements. 

Is underground service right for me?

While underground service is convenient in many ways, it is important for interested customers to understand its pros, cons and requirements to consider when choosing if it is right for your neighborhood.

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When will my underground service be installed?

The actual installation timeframe will vary, but is typically between 10 and 15 business days after you notify us that the site is ready for installation. Before we can begin the installation, we will need verification of the following:

  • The meter can and downpipe have been installed
  • The cable route is clear
  • Any applicable fees have been paid

What happens if the site is not ready for FPL to begin construction?

Your FPL Project Representative must approve your site prior to FPL starting construction. Be sure to inform your FPL Project Representative  about any schedule changes in order to avoid additional fees and ensure your project’s success. If the site is not prepared as agreed when our construction crew arrives, you will be responsible for any associated costs and your construction schedule may be impacted. Locate and review the following site ready checklist for your project to ensure it is ready for FPL construction:

What is the process to install conduit?

If your project involves installing underground equipment, it may be necessary to dig a trench to allow for utility installations or upgrades. Although you may dig a trench yourself, we recommend that you use a licensed contractor. If the trench fails to meet certain technical standards, it will not pass our inspection, which can result in project delays and additional costs.

Contact your FPL Project Representative to provide the trench route with specifications.

Remember to contact Sunshine 811 by dialing 8-1-1 at least two full business days before you dig to mark any existing underground utility lines. This will help you avoid damaging the existing utility equipment underground when you dig. By law, anyone excavating must follow this procedure to ensure the safety of people and property.

Does FPL deliver the conduit to my property?

No. It is your responsibility to pick up the material from an FPL construction Office. Please contact your FPL Project Representative to coordinate the pick-up of material. The conduits are 20-feet long, so be sure to arrange appropriate transportation.

When and where can I pick up conduit for my project?

Upon completion of the design and receipt of payment, the materials can be picked up at your local construction office.  Contact your FPL Project Representative to confirm the location and hours of operation.

Can cable TV and telephone cables be buried in the same trench as underground power lines?

Yes. You can bury all other utilities in the same trench if the cables are at least 12 inches apart. However, you will need to contact both your cable TV and telephone providers separately.  FPL is not responsible for their facilities.

When does the city or county require an inspection for electrical work at my home or business?

An inspection is required for all new electric service installations and any time we disconnect service for an electrical contractor to work on your electric equipment. Please check with your local inspecting authority for specific requirements and restrictions.  The inspection report must be sent to us directly from the inspecting authority. 

Vegetation Clearing or Landscaping

Who is responsible for removing vegetation from the area where the electrical equipment will be located?

We will clear the vegetation for equipment that is being installed in a public road right of way. You are responsible for clearing your property and any adjacent property, if necessary, for the initial installation of electrical equipment.

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Does FPL restore the landscaping after installing underground electric service?

No. Our construction fees do not include landscape or other site restoration for a new underground electric service.

Construction Fees

Why does FPL charge construction costs and what is included in the fees?

As a regulated utility, we are complying to the rates, rules and regulations approved by the Florida Public Service Commission (FPSC). The fees are outlined in the approved electric retail tariff book:

Why do I have to pay to have FPL install underground facilities?

Our standard fees for installing electric service for new construction projects are based on overhead facilities. Underground facilities require additional construction and associated costs. If a customer requests underground facilities, the customer must pay the cost differential. The fee includes the material and labor associated with removing the overhead cable, supplying the new underground cable, pulling the underground cable through the new conduit, and building the casing on the pole that will house the new cable.

Learn more about the costs for installing underground service.

Is there a charge associated with disconnect and reconnect appointments?

Generally, if an appointment occurs during business hours, there is no additional cost. Appointments may be scheduled between the hours of 9:30 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. Available times may vary by location. Fees for appointments after business hours will vary based on the scope of your appointment.  Contact your FPL Project Representative for more information.

What is a Performance Guarantee Deposit Agreement?

A Performance Guarantee Agreement (PGA) may be required when the customer requests the installation of FPL facilities and the company is not certain that sufficient revenue will be generated to justify the installation of the facilities.

How can I pay construction costs for my project?

Once you receive your project invoice, you can mail your invoice and payment directly to us at the location below:

Standard Mailing Address
General Mail Facility
Miami, FL 33188-0001

Expedited/Overnight Mailing Address
Attn: PPC Room 2420
9250 West Flagler Street
Miami, FL 33174

Open or Close an Account

How do I open a new FPL account once my construction project is complete?

Your FPL representative will create a permanent address and/or premise based on the address you provide for your new construction project.  Once the permanent address/premise is created by your FPL representative, you can contact us at 1-800-226-3545 to open an account or start service online. A deposit may be required when you establish the account. Once we receive the approved electrical inspection, we can then start service at the meter of the location provided.

How do I remove the existing FPL facilities to demolish a building?

If you only need to remove the existing FPL service and meter (also known as a “take service”), you will need to contact call us at 1-800-226-3545 to request the removal.  Once the request to remove existing FPL service and meter is processed, your local service center will disconnect service to the location and the existing account address will be permanently removed from FPL’s records. Please contact your FPL Project Representative to schedule an onsite meeting to discuss the details of terminating the existing service.