Project Overview

The solar energy center will create jobs, increase local revenue, and help reduce our reliance on fossil fuels, such as natural gas.

everglades solar energy center

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74.5 Megawatts of clean, American-made energy

Florida Power & Light Company (FPL) is working to help fuel job growth and move Florida toward energy independence. To date, FPL operates dozens of solar energy centers across the Sunshine State, each of which quietly generates clean, American-made energy for Floridians.

Features of a solar energy center:

  • 74.5 MW solar energy center
  • More than 200,000 photovoltaic (PV) solar panels
  • Situated on a portion of a 614-acre site
  • Located west of SW 217th Avenue, between SW 232nd Street and SW 248th Street

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Community Benefits

Solar energy centers generate significant economic benefits for local communities by increasing local business and tax revenue. Proximity to renewable energy can also be a deciding factor for job-creating companies that are considering relocation or expansion.

Additionally, FPL strives to be a good neighbor by finding opportunities to support the local community through long-term partnerships and educational opportunities, including grants for district-wide science fairs, investing in STEM education with our energy curriculum, and awarding FIRST® Robotics Scholarships through the NextEra Energy Foundation to help shape Florida’s next generation of engineers. FPL has also installed solar panels with real-time energy monitoring at more than 100 schools and other education centers, like museums and zoos, to help schools and communities better understand and use solar energy.

Preserving the Community’s Rural Way of Life

A solar energy center can help protect against urban sprawl, increase the area’s biodiversity, and provide habitats for native wildlife.

Building birdboxes with Manatee Junior Audubon in Florida

Employment Opportunities

A solar energy center could create local employment opportunities, including approximately 200 - 250 jobs during the peak of construction. The construction contractors hired by FPL will also typically host job fairs to recruit local talent prior to beginning construction.

FPL employees inspecting solar panels

Local Tax Revenue

A solar energy center could provide millions in tax revenue to the County’s tax base over its expected life, which County leadership can apply as they see fit, including to benefit local schools or improve infrastructure and services. 

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