FPL proposes voluntary, community-based solar partnership pilot to continue advancing affordable, clean energy in Florida and files proposed goals for energy efficiency

In an effort to offer more customers the choice to support solar power, FPL is proposing a voluntary, community-based, solar partnership pilot for consideration by the Florida Public Service Commission (PSC). If it is approved, FPL will install new solar-powered generating facilities in Florida communities, funded by voluntary contributions from FPL customers who choose to participate in the pilot. Key to its design, the pilot will not increase electric bills for customers who choose not to participate. As the leader in providing the most solar power in the Sunshine State, FPL has long been committed to planning for Florida’s clean-energy future and believes solar should play an increasing role in Florida’s energy mix.

FPL also has filed proposed goals for energy efficiency that would be achieved through demand-side management (DSM) programs during the 2015-2024 timeframe. Every five years, the PSC conducts a process to set goals for the amount of utility-sponsored DSM programs that each of the largest electric utilities in Florida will implement over the next 10 years. Setting DSM goals is part of a comprehensive long-term plan that determines what combination of generation resources and energy efficiency will be used to meet growing customer demand. FPL customers are expected to benefit from approximately 13 percent more energy efficiency over the next decade, versus comparable 2009 projections, as a result of the company’s proposed DSM goals, stricter state building codes and federal equipment manufacturing standards. At the same time, FPL’s updated goals would reduce the costs that customers pay for DSM through their monthly electricity bills, reflecting our commitment to keeping customers’ bills low.

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SOURCE Florida Power & Light Company

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