Why does my bill look different?

We are always looking for ways to perfect your customer experience. Based on some of our customers’ most frequently asked questions and feedback, the new bill design makes the most important information easier to find.  

When does/did this change take place?

The new design will be introduced to all customers in February 2021.    

How did you come up with the new design?

The new design is based on some of our customers’ most frequently asked questions and feedback. That’s why you’ll see a cleaner, easier-to-read format, with a simpler bill breakdown and a new graph that compares your month-to-month and year-to year energy usage. 

Are there any changes to the new bill design that will benefit business customers?

Business customers will also find their bill easier to read and will also benefit from energy-use comparisons in a graph format. 

Who will receive the new bill?

All customers will receive the new bill. If you receive an electronic bill, you will see the new design when you view or download your bill from your email notification. 

Does the new bill impact my account number?

None of your account information is impacted by this change. In fact, all the information you’ve come to rely on with remain on the bill, just in an easier-to-read format.