Monthly Pool Pump Cost
How much does it cost to run my pool pump?
Pool pump horsepower:
(1 HP is most common)

Hours per day run time:  4 hours
   6 hours
   8 hours
Monthly Pool Pump Cost  
* Note: Electric cost of $ 0.12 per kWh.
Monthly Pool Heating Cost
How much does it cost to heat my pool?
Pool location:
Pool temperature:  78º  80º
   82º  84º

Check if pool blanket used nightly when heating:  
Monthly cost using heat pump:    
Monthly cost using gas heater:    
* Note:Average monthly heating cost for 14' x 28' pool, November through April. Coldest months will be higher. Based on heat pump efficiency of COP = 5, and electric cost of $0.12 kWh. Gas heater efficiency of 80 percent, and natural gas cost of $1 per therm or propane cost of $1 per gallon. Local gas cost may vary.