If you experience damage to your property’s electrical system as part of a storm, for your convenience, we have provided links to the Better Business Bureau’s list of accredited electricians that might be able to help you. Select your area below for a list of independent electricians available for hire:

This page is a reference tool only provided for the customer's convenience and is not an endorsement by FPL. FPL has not performed any investigation as to the competency, qualifications or skills possessed by any of the electricians that are identified on any of the attached links. By providing the links, FPL is not recommending any of the identified electricians and such electricians are not employed or associated with FPL in any fashion but rather are independent contractors. It is the customer's sole responsibility to perform any preliminary investigation it deems necessary to determine if an identified electrician is qualified and appropriate prior to hiring any of the electricians identified on the attached links.