Notification Alerts

Why would I sign up for outage notifications?

Can I request outage notifications for more than one property?

How quickly will I receive an alert about an outage?

What type of outage alerts should I expect?

Will I receive notifications for every power outage?

Will I receive emails, phone calls and texts for outages occurring overnight?

What do I do if I’ve received a notification that my power was restored but my lights are still off?

What do I do if I receive a notification for a power problem but my lights are still on?

What is a text message (SMS)?

Can my phone receive text messages?

Why didn't I receive my opt-in text?

If my phone is off, will I still receive text messages?

If I am on a call, will I still receive my text message?

What phone carriers support text messaging from FPL?

Will I get charged for SMS if I opt in?

Will you use my phone number for any other purposes?

How do I opt-out of receiving text messages?

What are the Mobile Terms & Conditions?

Where can I find FPL’s Privacy Policy?