Georges Lake Solar Energy Center

Local Jobs. Strong Economic Impact. Clean, American-Made Energy.

About the Project

The FPL Georges Lake Solar Energy Center is a solar project proposed in Putnam County, Florida. This solar energy center will harvest the sun’s rays to quietly generate clean, environmentally friendly energy, creating hundreds of construction jobs, and hundreds of thousands of dollars annually in tax revenues.

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Preserving the Community’s Rural Way of Life

Solar energy centers make an ideal neighbor for agricultural and rural communities for a variety of reasons:

  • Protecting against urban sprawl: Unlike commercial developments, a solar energy center can easily transition back to agricultural use at the end of its lifecycle.
  • Increasing biodiversity: The perennial ground cover planted throughout solar energy centers reduces potential for erosion, stabilizes soil, and facilitates biodiversity.
  • Providing habitats for native wildlife: FPL’s solar energy centers are environmentally enhanced to provide habitats for native wildlife and to coexist with the flora and fauna across our great state.

Experience a Solar Energy Center

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Footage from the Blue Indigo Solar Energy Center in Jackson County

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We believe in building strong partnerships and supporting the communities our solar energy centers call home. Get the facts and learn how the Georges Lake Solar Energy Center can enhance Putnam County.

The benefits of solar energy on health-related air quality are worth even more than the electricity itself.

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Multiple studies have found solar projects have no significant impacts on property values.

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Solar energy has among the least environmental impacts of any form of electric generation.

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Sunsetting is removing all components of the solar project and returning the land to original condition.

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