FPL remains committed to helping support customers experiencing hardship during the coronavirus (COVID-19) global pandemic. As we have since March 2020, we will continue working closely with customers who contact us to do everything we can to avoid turning the lights off for nonpayment, which is and has always been a last resort.


Still want to request a payment extension?



Determining eligibility for a payment extension

We consider several factors before granting a payment extension. These include:

  • The customer's payment history
  • Length of time as an FPL customer
  • Past-due amount
  • Age of past-due amount
  • Timeliness of prior payments

If you need a payment extension, here's how it works

We will review the status of your FPL account to determine if a temporary payment extension can be granted. If your account is eligible, we will offer you an extended date to pay your bill.

This extension does not prevent your payment from being considered late and could lead to a late payment charge. This charge will appear as a line item on your next bill statement as the greater of $5.00 or 1.5% of the total past due balance. 

Please note, if you are late paying your bill twice in six months, we automatically initiate a review of your account to make sure we have a sufficient deposit on hand. If there is a gap of $50 or more between the deposit on hand and two months' average billing, we might ask you to make up the difference in order to bring the deposit to the required level.

Final notice

Even if a payment extension has been granted, you may receive a final notice reminding you to pay your past-due bill. Please be aware that if payment is not received by the extension date indicated, your payment extension will default and your power may be shut off. We disconnect service only as a last resort and would like to avoid having to take this step.

Deposit adjustment

A payment extension does not prevent your payment from being considered late, which could lead to a deposit being billed to your account.


If a payment extension is granted for your account, you will receive an immediate online confirmation and an email will be sent the next business day.