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How do I establish electric service?

Establishing electric service online with FPL is easy and convenient.

The following information is required to establish electric service under a personal name:

  1. Service address
  2. Social security number, driver's license number, or social insurance number (if any of these are not available, you can still submit an order but will need to upload another form of verifiable ID)
  3. Preferred service start date

The following information is required to establish electric service under a business name:

  1. Business address
  2. Tax ID Number
  3. Preferred service start date

Start Service Under a Personal Name
Start Service Under a Business Name

How long does it take to get the power connected?

We are typically able to connect service on the same day it’s requested, as long as your order is received by 12 p.m., Mon-Sat. Otherwise, your service will be connected by the following business day. More time may be required, however, depending on conditions at the property.

We will provide you with the service start time once your order is submitted.

What do I need to start service under a business name?

The following information is needed to establish electric service under a business name:

  1. Business address
  2. Tax ID Number
  3. Preferred service start date

Start Service Under a Business Name

Can I request a date in the future to have my electric service connected?

Yes, you can select the date that you prefer your service to start.

Start Service Now

How do I start service if I do not have a Social Security number?

If you do not have a Social Security number, another type of identification can be used such as a driver’s license or passport number.  Please call the Customer Care number for your area and a representative will assist you.

Call Our Customer Care Center

Can I re-open a previous FPL account?

You will need a new account number even if you are a returning customer. You can use our start service application to get a new account number. During this process, you will have the opportunity to provide us with your previous account information so that we may cross-reference your previous account.

Start Service Now

What are the deposit requirements and how is the amount determined?

Our deposit requirements differ for home and business accounts.  Please select the appropriate link below for answers to your deposit questions. 

Learn More About Residential Account Deposits 
Learn More About Business Account Deposits

What if I need an overlap of service at two addresses for more than 45 days?

If you need an overlap of service longer than 45 days, you will not be able to transfer your service from one address to the other. Instead, you will need to:

  1. Stop service at the address you’re vacating. You can choose the service end date during the process.
  2. Start service at the new location. You will create a new account for the new service address.

Until service ends at the address you’re vacating, you will have two accounts with FPL.

Can I transfer my service if I am moving to a different part of Florida?

Yes, as long you’re moving to an area serviced by FPL. You can quickly check whether your location is served by FPL by entering in your address in the Service Area Map.

If you are moving to an area where FPL is not the electric provider, you will need to stop your service with FPL and start service with the new provider. 

Stop FPL Service Now

How do I transfer my existing electric service to another address?

You can transfer your FPL service to another location served by FPL by simply filling out the transfer form online. You’ll need to provide the new location address and select the date for transferring service.

Transfer Service Now

As a seasonal resident, should I stop my service when I leave Florida?

If you would like the electricity to remain on while you are away in order to power your air conditioner, humidistat, refrigerator, etc... , we recommend not stopping your service.  Simply update your mailing address prior to departing and make sure to include both the start and end dates.

Update Your Mailing Address Now

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