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Ask the Expert: Do ceiling fans reduce A/C costs?

By: Brad Goar

Ceiling fans can help you reduce your cooling costs because they allow you to set your A/C thermostat higher and still feel comfortable. The breeze increases the evaporation of moisture from your skin making you feel cooler than you would without it.

However, there’s a catch. Ceiling fans cool people, but they don’t lower the temperature in the room. So, you’ll waste money, not save, if you leave them on when no one is around. By the way, the same advice applies to portable fans, like standing floor fans. Turning off a ceiling fan when you leave a room instead of letting it run all the time can help you save from $3 to $7 a month, depending on fan speed. There’s always a little extra electricity involved in turning on the fan again when you need it. However, the amount used is minimal. It’s always better to turn off the fan when you’re not in the room.

Other tips for saving this summer

During Florida’s hot summer months, in particular, your A/C works overtime to keep you cool. Even if you never change the settings on your thermostat, as the days get longer and hotter, your A/C needs to run longer to keep you comfortable. Ultimately, the higher the temperature is outside the higher your energy costs can be.

But, we can help you find ways to make your bill lower. View our Summer Savings Tips to find ways to save energy and money.