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Ask the Expert: How can I run my business in an environmentally friendly way?

Five Ways to Help Your Business Go Green

As temperatures continue to rise and air conditioner (A/C) units hum to keep us all cool, many cost-conscious business owners in Florida have asked us how they can implement modern technology to make their business operations greener even while their energy use is spiking. If you’re wondering how you can make a difference for the environment and your bottom line, we’ve put together a list of steps to consider to make your small business part of the green revolution.

Utilize cloud-based computing

Adopting a cloud-based computer system instead of having a dense server bank on-site has many practical benefits for businesses, including one that’s often left out of the conversation: reducing energy use. Processing and storing data on in-house servers takes a significant amount of energy. Moving to a cloud-based server can reduce a business’s energy usage and result in a smaller carbon footprint. In fact, one study by the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory estimated that a cloud-based server can reduce energy consumption of basic business functions, such as email and customer relationship management (CRM), by a whopping 87%!

Go paperless

Email and other forms of electronic communication have helped most businesses use less paper than ever before, but many have taken the extra step of going completely paperless. From invoicing and billing to companywide communication and more, it can all be done without the use of paper. And the results aren’t only good for the earth — a recent study found that associated costs related to paper (including elements such as storage, filing, copying, printing, and disposal) can cost up to 31 times as much as the paper itself! Going paperless is a win-win for the environment and your business’s bottom line.

Drive sustainability with EarthEra™ clean biodiesel

If your business involves managing a fleet of vehicles just like ours does, using sustainable and cleaner fuel goes a long way in offsetting fossil fuel usage. Did you know that Florida businesses can purchase the same high-quality biodiesel blend that we use at FPL for our own vehicle fleet? Our EarthEra™ clean biodiesel blend is cost competitive with traditional diesel fuels, safe for all diesel engines with no vehicle conversions, produced from a variety of renewable resources and reduces greenhouse gases by as much as 20% compared with petroleum diesel.

Consider smart lighting

The last one out of the office forgetting to turn off the lights is a thing of the past for businesses that use smart lighting. Smart bulbs are LED light bulbs that you operate with a smartphone or tablet. They use wireless communication such as Bluetooth and Wi-Fi to connect to an app that will help control your lighting. Plus, they use less energy than normal LED bulbs. For businesses, smart light bulbs offer high-efficiency fixtures and automated controls that adjust based on certain conditions. A popular feature includes lighting that instantly switches on when someone enters a room, such as a restroom or conference room. Business owners then have the freedom to monitor and control their energy usage much more precisely.

Get specific to your business’s needs with FPL’s Business Energy Manager

The first four tips are good advice across a full spectrum of businesses, but we understand that every business has unique energy needs. That’s why we’ve developed FPL Business Energy Manager to help with actionable advice on proven energy management strategies and technologies for your business. Now, you can better learn about, track and control your business energy usage to lower your carbon footprint and save on your bill.

In addition to helping you make your business as environmentally friendly as possible, we’re here to provide you with a full set of industry resources. Learn more at

Don’t forget! The biggest culprit of energy usage is the A/C unit. Raising your thermostat even a few degrees can save up to 15%off your monthly cooling costs.