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BEE energy smart with FPL's Business Energy Evaluation

We get it. There’s a lot that goes into running a business. The last thing you want to worry about is receiving a bill every month that makes you want to do some more running — in the opposite direction. 

Did you know energy consumption is one of the biggest overhead costs for businesses, regardless of size or industry? In fact, ENERGY STAR estimates small businesses alone spend more than $60 billion a year on energy!

How are business owners offsetting this spending? Some have shifted to fully remote working and eliminated costly office space, but this only works for certain industries. For those requiring a commercial building, proper A/C and lighting are of equal importance to ensure the comfort and productivity of your employees. 

So, if you can’t send everyone home, and you can’t work in 80-degree temperatures to save a quick buck, what can you do? 

Fret not, because the Watt’s Happening team is here to help business owners like you combat energy-spending woes. It all comes down to applying actionable energy tips to the operations of your business and knowing how to stay informed on your energy usage with FPL’s Business Energy Evaluation (BEE) tool. Let’s dive in on how to take action today.

Keep that energy bill low and business high

We want you to save big! FPL offers several energy saving programs and rebates for home or business, so controlling your energy bill is easier than you think. For immediate solutions, our energy experts recommend the following tips to effectively help you make a dent in that energy bill.

Have more questions on how you can save energy? We answer common business energy questions from business owners like you, so you can make informed decisions on your operations.

Staying below average is actually a good thing

Understanding how your business’ electric bill compares to industry averages can help prevent your business from overpaying.

But one size doesn't fit all. 

Truth is, average electric bills vary across industries and types of business facilities. There are several important factors that influence this, including geographical location, energy use and the types of electrical devices used.

Here’s the good news: FPL business customer bills are among the lowest in the nation! Whether you’re a small business, commercial property or industrial building, we understand the importance of numbers and offer a comparison of monthly bills for our business customers, so you can make educated decisions about your usage and budget. 

The numbers don’t lie. Check out this topline breakdown of FPL bills compared to national averages. What side of the spectrum does your business energy bill fall into?

  • Small business (office or storefront): $145 monthly FPL bill vs. $201 national average

  • Commercial business (bank, restaurant, retail, medical office): $956 monthly FPL bill vs. $1,255 national average

  • Industrial: $30,846 monthly FPL bill vs. $37,846 national average 

Another way to get a sense of your business energy spending is to compare it to industry averages. Conduct some research on your specific type of business and crunch some numbers. Here’s a breakdown of a few estimates:

  • Grocery stores: $160,000 per year

  • Gas stations: $160,000 per year

  • Hospitals & medical: $4,000-$160,000 per year

  • Hotels: $2,196 per available room per year

Let FPL gut check your business energy usage 

There’s this metric we like to call your Energy IQ, which in no way equates to your actual intelligence, but instead is solely reliant on your answer to this question: 

Are you making smart business energy usage and saving decisions? 

Navigating energy bills can be complicated. At FPL, we understand your focus needs to be on running your business and taking care of your employees and customers — not spending precious time analyzing energy costs. Hire us to take care of that for you and we won’t charge you a penny. 

Our comprehensive and completely free Business Energy Manager is an online tool that understands your business energy needs are unique. It has several features dedicated to making your life easier and less costly:

  • Track and control your energy usage to help your business save on the next bill.

  • View your usage in intervals as specific as 15 minutes and as broad as a month.

  • Get personalized business recommendations to understand smart energy usage and lower your bill. 

You can also receive an energy audit from an FPL Business Energy Expert by signing up for FPL’s Business Energy Evaluation (BEE). This exam will give you access to a free customized report with energy-saving solutions tailored to your business’ unique energy needs.

Ready to increase your Energy IQ? Sign up for the BEE and discover ways to save on your business’ monthly bill. It’s a no-brainer.