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Watt's Happening

Does innovation truly impact my bill?

From drones and robots to smart meters and intelligent devices, we at FPL constantly work to implement cutting-edge technology and tools that will improve your experience and save you money. Let us show you how.

The future is now

We mean that literally! While you read this, we’re putting autonomous robots (and even drones) to work.

For example, take our substations, where transformers reduce high-voltage power from transmission lines to a lower voltage that can go out to neighborhoods.

Now, we have self-driving substation robots that can monitor a substation to ensure everything is in working order. With advanced sensors and navigation systems to follow preset paths, this little robot can inspect an entire substation all on its own.

What does this technology look out for? Anything from animal pests to changing weather conditions and issues with equipment. This ongoing monitoring allows us to respond to potential problems before they become power interruptions.

While our substation robot wheels around on the ground, we’ve got eyes in the air as well with our fleet of drones. They help us inspect the day-to-day health of the energy grid.

With everything from thermal to multispectral imaging capabilities, these drones provide a unique perspective of equipment often located high off the ground. Plus, they’re a cost-effective alternative to helicopters, and their small size makes them perfect for those hard-to-reach areas.

Drones can quickly provide crews with accurate damage assessments, allowing us to restore power to customers after a major storm or hurricane in a timely manner.

Let’s get smart

FPL is not just a power company; we’re also a technology company. Since 2006, we’ve invested more than $5 billion to make the grid stronger, smarter and more storm resilient.

Part of this effort included installation of smart meters, devices that help detect and prevent power issues by recording electricity usage digitally and sending that information back to us securely. These devices also help get timely information to our crews so they can restore power more efficiently.

In addition to these meters, we’ve also installed smart switches on power poles. This technology helps keep the power on and minimizes the number of people impacted if an outage occurs by rerouting power around any trouble spots.

Bottom-line reliability and savings

At the end of the day, the reason behind our innovative spirit is you: the customer. These upgrades allowed us to improve service reliability by nearly 40% since 2006, reaching 99.98% electric service reliability.

Particularly now as more families are working and studying from home, we know that even a momentary loss of electricity can impact you at work, school and day to day life. That’s why we work toward a reliable, efficient and safe grid.

Additionally, these updates resulted in reduced operating costs and increased efficiencies, leading to our customers having energy bills among the lowest in the nation — nearly 30% below the national average.

For more information on the latest technology we’re using, or new ways you can save on your energy bill, be sure to check out the Watt’s Happening blog.