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On Call’s new self-scheduling tool can help you save more than $90 a year

Today, we’re sharing one of the easiest ways to reduce your energy bills, so you can put more money toward the things that matter most to you.

Nearly 700,000 FPL customers are saving money with our On Call program, and we’ve made it even easier for you to join them with our easy-to-use self-scheduling tool! 

Qualifying customers can receive a monthly credit toward their bill by allowing FPL to cycle off selected appliances when necessary. In exchange for your participation in the program, you’ll receive a credit on your electric bill every month, even when the program is not activated – making it a win-win.

Make an impact in your area

When you volunteer to enroll in On Call, you help us meet the energy needs of all customers when something unexpected happens and energy demand spikes. Your participation allows us to briefly cycle off your enrolled appliances to prevent energy shortages – and only when absolutely necessary. Eligible appliances include:

  • Central Electric Air Conditioning
  • Central Electric Heating
  • Single-speed (in-ground) Pool Pump
  • Electric Tank Water Heater

No inconveniences, no problem

Historically, we have only activated the program a few times per year for just a short period time – if at all. The program is typically activated early to late afternoons when no one is home and not during nights, weekends or holidays.

As a token of gratitude for your participation in On Call, we’ll give you money back on your electric bill in the form of monthly bill credits. The amount depends on which of the eligible household appliances you enroll and the season. Based on your selections, you can save  more than $90 a year.

Discover new ways to save now

Here’s how, with our new self-scheduling tool:

  1. Go to and log into your FPL account where you’ll answer a few basic eligibility questions to see if you qualify.
  2. Choose the appliances you want to enroll.
  3. Schedule your appointment with an authorized FPL contractor for an installation appointment.

During your appointment, a small energy management device will be connected to your selected, qualifying appliances. Once the On Call devices are activated, you will begin receiving your monthly credits – even if we never cycle off your appliances!

Eligibility requirements:

  • Residence must be occupied nine or more months of the year.
    • Single-family homes, townhomes, apartments, condos and mobile homes are eligible.
    • Renters will need approval from their landlord to register.
  • Central A/C and central heading are required appliances to register for the program. Your water heater and pool pump are optional, although recommended to see additional savings!

So, what are you waiting for? See if you qualify for FPL’s On Call program and schedule your installation today.


  • Meet your energy goals now.
  • Meet your energy bill goals today/now.
  • Discover new ways to save now.