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Ask the Expert: How can my business be more eco-friendly?

Four More Ways Your Business Can Go Green

While autumn may be right around the corner, Floridians know that the start of September doesn’t mean the end of warm weather. We understand the heat hasn’t passed, which is why we’re sharing even more tips and tricks to help your business save some green, by going green.  Here are a few simple things to keep in mind to help your business save money and energy.

Turn Computers to Sleep Mode

Whether your business has 30 computers or just one, turning them to sleep mode when not in use can save a significant amount of energy — and money. Switching your monitors and computers to sleep mode brings power use down to 1 to 3 watts each and can save you around $25-$75 per computer annually. If you’re not sure you’ll remember to switch to sleep mode each evening, review the computer’s settings — many offer automatic sleep mode after a certain period of inactivity.

Plug into Smart Power Strips

What makes a power strip smart? A traditional power strip allows the user to plug multiple devices into what is essentially one outlet. While this may be convenient, it doesn’t necessarily help with energy consumption. This is because while devices remain plugged in, they continue to use energy even if they are turned off. A smart power strip, however, can detect when the plugged-in devices are either off or on standby mode and can cut the power off completely to save energy. If your business uses power strips for rows of computers, multiple screens or even several kitchen appliances, switching to smart power strips is a great way to save on energy.

Swap to ENERGY STAR® Rated Appliances

ENERGY STAR® is a government-backed symbol for energy efficiency. Looking for this symbol when shopping for business supplies such as appliances can help you make smarter purchasing decisions with energy usage in mind. What may surprise many business owners is just how many products earn this rating — it’s no longer just used for refrigerators and washing machines. Even if your business doesn’t have an industrial kitchen with walk-in freezers and dishwashers meant to accommodate hundreds of meals a day, you can still save energy and money by swapping to ENERGY STAR®-rated products. Beyond appliances, these include everything from office equipment and lighting to building products, such as skylights, and water heaters.

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