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Watt's Happening

Save, Sing and Win With Your Favorite Musicians In FPL's New "Savings to Sing About" Trivia Contest

We know — you wanna save with somebody. You don’t wanna feel that Florida heat with somebody. You wanna save with somebody who can give you the tools you need to make it happen — somebody like Florida Power & Light!

There’s a music competition going on at FPL, and you’re invited to bring your best Whitney Houston impression. We’re giving our customers the chance to win big and have some fun while doing it with our music-themed Savings to Sing About trivia game!

The best part? You’ll get quizzed by some of the biggest names in music! Get ready for surprise Cameo video messages from artists like Kenny G, Mark McGrath, Chaka Khan and Johnny Van Zant from Lynyrd Skynyrd. Try not to get so starstruck you forget the correct answer!

Think you have what it takes to become an energy savings rockstar? From Aug. 24 to Nov. 2, customers can play by visiting to see how much of an energy expert you truly are.

High energy spending only leads to treble. What’s a minor bit of your time for a major prize? Here’s everything you need to know on how to enter FPL’s Savings to Sing About trivia game, including noteworthy energy tips so you can stay right on pitch. While you’re warming up your vocal chords, say “cello” to our FPL Energy Manager all-in-one tool so you and your energy bill can live in harmony year-round!

What are we singing about, exactly?

Here’s how the trivia game works: Players will race against the clock to answer 20 random multiple choice questions using the game’s interactive platform, while learning a few tips on how to save energy along the way. Play as many times as you like to improve your score, but FPL customers can only win once.

Every two weeks, for 10 weeks, up to 100 of the highest-scoring players will be crowned among Florida’s top talent, winning either a smart thermostat, or a three-month subscription to a streaming music service. That’s 500 possibilities to win — now that’s something to sing about!

An ensemble of energy tips

By playing Savings to Sing About, you’ll learn about simple, low-cost to no-cost energy saving tips you can implement at home to help decrease your monthly bill. But how much do you know already?

We wouldn’t be the Watt’s Team if we didn’t share a few energy-saving tips to help you warm up for your performance. Think of this as your audition for the big stage. Ready?

  • Raise your air conditioner (A/C) thermostat when possible. For every degree raised, customers can save about 2% on monthly cooling costs.
  • Change the A/C’s filter regularly to ensure proper maintenance and operation.
  • Leave interior doors open to allow for air circulation without obstruction.
  • Turn on overhead fans when people are in the room and turn them off when they leave. Fans cool people, not rooms.

We hope these have struck a chord with you. Now, go break a leg!

Remix your energy spending

It’s the remix! Our new, free FPL Energy Manager is helping customers everywhere find savings to sing about. Get ultimate control over your monthly bill with a chorus of tools to help you monitor, analyze and even simulate your energy use. These include:

  • Energy Dashboard: View your home's usage over time to see when you use the most energy.
  • Energy Analyzer: Pinpoint where your home uses energy, so you can learn how to use less and save more.
  • Energy Simulator and Calculator: See how small changes can save you big over time.
  • Answer questions about your home and appliances to improve your Energy Manager results.

Together, this quartet of tools will create the perfect melody to show you the when, where and why of your home’s energy use. Put your bill on center stage to dial up more savings!

Ready to win? Show off your energy saving skills by entering our Savings to Sing About trivia game. Be a high scorer, and you’ll be singing a happy tune with some cool prizes. Regardless, you’ll get to play with a few of your favorite celebrities and discover ways to save — so everyone’s a winner.

Visit our website to compete against other FPL customers across Florida through Nov. 2, 2021. Up to 500 winners will be selected. May the best energy expert win!