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Do Fuel Prices Impact My Bill?

We know it is more important than ever to help you find ways to offset rising costs of everyday expenses and save on your energy bill. Even with FPL’s continued investments in more efficient power plants and renewable energy sources, like solar, when the price of natural gas goes up, bills are impacted. That’s because natural gas is used to produce electricity at some of our power plants.

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Learn how you can save more than $15 on your energy bill this winter!

We’ve got a snapshot of tips to help you save on your energy bill this winter just by making some small changes around the house.

Don’t forget to check out the free Energy Manager and our ceiling insulation and A/C rebates to find even more ways you can save for the more important things this winter – like s’mores ingredients and firewood!

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Are you Ready for a Winter of Savings?

Discover ways to save on your everyday expenses with FPL’s House of Savings energy-savings tips. This immersive, augmented reality experience will show you how to conserve energy in your home today so you can save money on your monthly bill.

Additionally, with FPL's free Energy Manager, you can take control of your energy usage and save up to $17 a month.

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Discover energy-saving tips at the FPL House of Savings!

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Are you BEE-ing smart about business energy usage?

FPL's Business Energy Evaluation gives you access to a free customized report to help your business save.

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FPL incentives for business owners

FPL offers programs to help businesses save energy and money. We’ve rounded them up in one location for easy reference.

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Meet the Watt's Team

The Watt’s Happening Team has got you covered with energy- and money-saving tips to help lower your energy bill. 

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