Save time and money

Set your business paper-free with FPL Automatic Bill Pay and save time on processing paperwork plus money on postage. FPL securely withdraws your authorized payment automatically from your bank account monthly - and we work with your schedule. Plus, by eliminating paper bills, you'll increase productivity and have more time to focus on your business and customers.


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How to Enroll

  • Log in to our website, or if you are new, register now (You'll need your FPL account number and last four digits of the Social Security Number or Tax ID Number associated with the account.)
  • Enter your bank account and routing numbers from a U.S. bank and choose when your payment is withdrawn
  • Provide some basic contact information and confirm your information
  • FPL will confirm enrollment with a next-day confirmation email, a welcome letter and a message on your bill
  • Enroll Now to get started


How it works

  • When you sign up, you will choose how many days after your billing date your payment is withdrawn from your account (qualifying period). You can choose from 11 to 20 days. For example, if your bill is issued June 10 and you select 11 days, then your payment would be made on June 21
  •  FPL Automatic Bill Pay will begin with your next monthly bill that states "Do Not Pay." Any current balance will need to be paid using your current payment method