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How it works

  • Reveal trends in your energy usage - the Energy Breakdown Survey reveals trends into usage patterns offering savings opportunities.
  • Gain valuable insights – the Business Energy Manager provides insights that enable you to optimize operations, cut costs and enhance sustainability.
  • Top-notch tool for businesses – the energy dashboard is a free, best-in-class tool that allows businesses to easily track, understand and control energy.

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Save up to $500 a year

The Business Energy Manager provides specific energy-saving tips based on your unique energy-use patterns, helping you to improve your efficiency on a daily weekly and monthly basis.

Start saving

Explore the benefits

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    Stay in control of your energy use

    Discover where you use energy and implement strategies to save more effectively than ever before.

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    Get customized recommendations

    Receive proven solutions tailored to businesses of your size and type, helping you save energy and money.

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    Manage multiple accounts

    Group your accounts together in one place, making it easier to manage from one central location.


Frequently asked questions

What is the Energy Breakdown?

The Energy Breakdown asks questions about your business to deliver a more personalized experience. After answering the questions in this section, we will personalize your load profile in the Energy Breakdown.  This helps to better rank recommendations and provide you with options to optimize your usage and help understand your load profile.

I have multiple FPL accounts. Can I view multiple accounts using one login?

Yes.  The Business Energy Manager is designed for you to view all of your accounts using one login.  Simply click the account you wish to view.

How much data is in the Business Energy Manager?

Depending on your rate and the type of meter at your facility, you may be able to view up to two years of 15-minute intervals of energy data.

Ways to save at home

Looking for ways to save energy at home?