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Your business' energy needs are unique. With your new, free Business Energy Manager, you can better track, learn and control your business energy usage to save on your bill. Explore the Business Energy Manager, on your time, and take advantage of its many tools:

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Understand your usage:

  • Track your usage by month, day, hour and, in some cases, 15-minute intervals
  • Understand how your energy-use patterns compare with similar businesses
  • View your projected bill before your next reading
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Find customized solutions:

  • Receive personalized energy-saving recommendations based on your business
  • Update your responses Energy Profile any time to see how changes could make a difference to your bill
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Analyze your usage:

  • Closely examine in-depth data with analysis tools
  • Identify trends in your business’ energy use and how to lower costs
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Expert Evaluation:

FPL Business Energy Experts audit your business' energy use and deliver a free customized report with energy saving solutions tailored to your unique energy needs.

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