Building or buying a new home is a major investment. Help your customers incorporate the best energy-saving technology into their homes with BuildSmart®, a higher standard in new home energy efficiency.

BuildSmart® is our energy-efficient new home certification program. Here's how it works:

  • BuildSmart® homes are certified by FPL to be built to a higher standard of energy efficiency
  • BuildSmart® homes save up to 30 percent on energy bills, compared with homes that simply comply with the Florida building code
  • Our energy experts partner with you to plan, inspect and test your new home's energy-saving systems
  • Our services include an energy-efficiency analysis and recommendations, testing of HVAC air duct systems by trained FPL inspectors, and verification of energy-efficient upgrades prior to occupancy

BuildSmart® Options

Marketing support

As a certified BuildSmart® builder, you will receive:

  • Energy performance calculations to aid in marketing your homes.
  • Site signs to help buyers identify you as a BuildSmart® builder.
  • Sales staff briefing on the advantages of BuildSmart®.
  • Rights to use the FPL BuildSmart® seal of approval in your advertising.
  • Listing on's Builder and Contractor locator.

Information for builders

BuildSmart® helps you find cost-effective solutions to exceed the minimum performance requirements of the Florida code. Consumer research* shows that:

  • Buyers look to their builder for information about energy efficiency. BuildSmart® provides an FPL-endorsed solution that meets the needs of energy-conscious buyers.
  • Buyers want homes that cost less to maintain and operate. BuildSmart® homes are designed to deliver lower energy bills.
  • Buyers place a greater trust in BuildSmart® builders. Differentiate yourself and your product. Our certification acknowledges that your product is superior to homes that simply comply with code, reflecting your commitment to quality.

BuildSmart certification

BuildSmart®Certification is based on three criteria:

  1. The home's e-ratio score. Florida code requires every home to meet a score of 1.00 or lower. BuildSmart® homes are targeted to exceed the e-ratio minimum by 10 percent or more.
  2. Cooling and heating air ducts must pass a diagnostic test.
  3. The central air-conditioning system must have a minimum cooling efficiency (SEER) of 14.

Overview of the BuildSmart® Process
Plan Review - Our energy experts review the plans of your most popular models and help identify a cost-effective path to making the homes BuildSmart®.
EPI E-Ratio Calculations - We will calculate the projected energy performance based on the BuildSmart® package(s) you plan to offer. We'll let you know how much your customers can expect to save in the years to come.
Inspection and Certification - We inspect every BuildSmart® home. Our inspectors examine air conditioning duct systems and verify that energy upgrades are in place. The home is certified as BuildSmart®, and a certificate is issued for presentation to the new home owners.

Contact BuildSmart

Contact an FPL program specialist for more information about BuildSmart homes.