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Comfort is more than a temperature setting. For your business, it means keeping energy costs down while maintaining a comfortable temperature for employees, customers and equipment. With FPL's Chiller Program, you can do both.

Replacing an aging chiller with an energy efficient model can lower operating and maintenance costs, increase energy savings and improve reliability.

Because FPL understands that your business' energy costs can push you outside your financial comfort zone, we offer rebates that help offset the cost of installing a new, more efficient unit at your facility.

How to qualify       

  • The rebate is based on chiller type, capacity and efficiency.
  • Our chiller rebates apply to qualifying high-efficiency models rated at AHRI conditions.
  • Rebate amounts and qualifying conditions vary, depending on the type and size of the equipment you replace or install.
  • Backup or emergency chillers do not qualify for rebates. 
List of minimum efficiency levels needed to qualify for a chiller rebate

Start saving today

Find out if you qualify for FPL’s Chiller Program and other energy saving by contacting an FPL program specialist.