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What is Commercial Demand Reduction?

Commercial Demand Reduction (CDR) is a load management program that reduces our system peak demand during capacity shortfalls or system emergencies. By reducing power usage during peak demand periods, CDR helps delay the need for expensive, new power plants while providing your business the opportunity to substantially reduce your electric bill.

Here's how it works:

  • We provide monthly credits to customers who voluntarily enroll in this program, regardless of whether we initiate a control period.
  • We install a load management device at your facility.
  • If a load control event is planned, we will send an advance notification to the device, letting it know a control event will occur at a specified time.
  • When the load control event occurs, the device will automatically shed the pre-determined control load, and the customer's generator will start.
  • Once our system demand has returned to a manageable level, the customer will receive a pre-release notification approximately fifteen minutes before the load control event ends.
  • We will provide an analysis of your company's electric bill, estimated cost savings from the commercial demand reduction program, and a control circuit wiring diagram. We will also assist you with determining the expected payback period.