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FPL is committed to working with your business so that high-energy costs don't get in the way of the success of your operations. Demand control ventilation (DCV) can save your business as much as 20 percent per year on HVAC energy costs while improving air quality inside your facility.

By adjusting your building's ventilation based on occupancy, demand control ventilation also helps your air conditioner operate more efficiently, resulting in lower maintenance costs, a longer life for your system and lower carbon emissions.

DCV sensor and thermostat

DCV sensor (on the left) located next to a thermostat


FPL's Demand Control Ventilation program rebates help you offset the costs of upgrading to this technology and save you even more money by reducing your cooling costs.

To qualify for our rebate, your demand control ventilation system must:

  • Reduce outside air flow at low occupancy
  • Modulate outside air flow based on real-time sensor readings

Businesses with long operating hours that have unpredictable or varied occupancy benefit the most from this technology, as well as businesses that seldom reach maximum occupancy.

DCV System

DCV system operation

Start saving today

Increasing energy efficiency gives you a competitive advantage; Find out if your business is eligible for FPL's Demand Control Ventilation rebates by contacting an FPL program specialist.