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Sustainable energy solutions

FPL Energy Services understands the unique performance contracting needs of federal government facilities. We can help you develop an energy management plan that will save you money and reduce your energy consumption.

With more than 20 years of experience delivering industry-leading energy conservation results, you can count on us for innovative and customized solutions that will exceed your energy objectives and mandates.

Achieving your Energy Savings Group:

  • Evaluate, analyze and implement sustainability plans
  • Reduce energy and water usage
  • Calculate and reduce your carbon footprint
  • Incorporate renewables, including solar and wind energy systems, into energy management and long-term renewable generation objectives 

Savings guaranteed

We work collaboratively with you to develop a package of proposed improvements you can pay for entirely through the anticipated guaranteed savings - no up-front, out-of-pocket funding needed. As a leading Energy Services Company (ESCO) - we have never missed a savings guarantee.

Proven experience

With millions of dollars in design, project development and construction work implemented, FPLES goes above and beyond in delivering energy savings expertise.

Our proven track record of service and success includes:

  • Engineering design
  • Detailed measurement and verification data
  • Project development
  • Project implementation
  • Construction management
  • Third-party financing
  • Sustainability and renewable solutions
  • Project commissioning
  • Equipment maintenance 

We can help you

  • Reduce energy and water usage
  • Calculate and reduce your carbon footprint
  • Incorporate solar and wind energy systems into energy management and long-term renewable generation objectives

Our customers give us high marks for our commitment to service, the innovative and customized solutions we provide, and our ability to understand the unique needs of every project.

Contracting options

As a leading ESCO, we have experience and expertise in a variety of contracting options, including:

  • ESPC (Energy Savings Performance Contracting - DOE & U.S. Army)
  • UESC (Utility Energy Service Contracts)
  • ECIP (Energy Conservation Incentive Program)
  • EUL (Enhanced Use Leasing)
  • PPA (Power Purchase Agreements)

FPLES has been successful in securing funding for our customers. The financial strength of our company ensures sound financial practices and our ability to attract the most advantageous funding options.