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FPL uses its energy savings expertise to build programs that help businesses reduce energy costs. Our free Business On Call® Program is an easy way for you to earn savings on electricity.

By signing up, you agree to let FPL occasionally turn off your air conditioning system for short periods of time when absolutely necessary. In return, you get a monthly credit on your bill even if Business On Call® is not activated.

Program specifics

  • Duration: The program runs from April - October, when demand for electricity is high. During this period, equipment may be cycled off for up to 17.5 minutes every half hour for a maximum of three and a half hours per day.
  • Eligibility: Your A/C must normally operate between 3 p.m. and 6 p.m., at least four days per week. If you have several units, all will be cycled except those units dedicated to temperature-sensitive equipment.
  • Expectation: Chances are your customers and employees won't even notice a difference in comfort. All other electrical devices in your business will continue to operate normally.
  • Savings: You will receive a credit on your FPL electric bill for each of the seven months that the program is in effect. Your savings will be $2 per ton, per month over the seven-month period that your A/C is On Call®. For example, two five-ton A/C units would save a total of $140 per year

Historically, Business On Call® has been activated three to four times per year between April and October when energy demand and usage is highest. But since your A/C usually cycles on and off, the only difference you'll notice will be a reduced electricity bill.

Start saving today

Signing up is free and easy! Follow these steps to sign up:

  1. Call the Care Center at 1-800-226-3545 and one of our representatives will determine if you are eligible to enroll in the program. One or more A/C units are required for enrollment.
  2. Schedule a time for us to come to your business and install a small energy management device on your A/C free of charge.
  3. Sign-up and start enjoying the savings!

Did you know?

The energy saved by On Call® customers has helped the environment by deferring the need to build three power plants since the program's inception.

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