FPL works hard to bring you energy savings solutions that help your business cut down costs and enhance its operations. Installing a Thermal Energy Storage (TES) system is one way in which you can reduce your energy bill while keeping your facility cool and comfortable for employees and customers.

While a TES system can cost more than a standard air conditioning system, it can save you energy and money by allowing you to pay lower time-of-use rates, reducing energy demand and eliminating the need to buy large A/C compressors to meet your cooling needs.

And with FPL’s incentive program, you save even more by recovering part of the cost of your investment.

Start saving today

Contact your FPL program specialist to learn if your business can benefit from Thermal Energy Storage:

  • Brian Blenis (north area): (321) 726-4948
  • John Nix (east and south areas): (305) 552-3657
  • Richard Brooks (west area): (239) 332-9202