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Natural Gas Power Plants

We’re building cleaner, more efficient power plants that run on U.S.-produced natural gas.

State-of-the-art power plants

Either by building new, cleaner, more fuel-efficient energy centers that run on natural gas, or tearing down old, oil-fired power plants and replacing them with modern energy centers, we’re changing the current – providing affordable reliable and clean power, while cutting our use of foreign oil.

Utilizing cleaner-burning, U.S.-produced natural gas frees us from using imported, foreign oil. Using domestic natural gas instead of foreign oil to generate power is saving our customers billions of dollars on fuel. In fact, since 2001 customers have saved nearly $10 billion on fuel through our efficient natural gas power plants.

state of the art power plants

Clean Energy Centers

okeechobee clean energy center


To meet Florida’s growing energy needs, FPL built the Okeechobee Clean Energy Center, a high-efficiency power-generating facility fueled by clean, U.S.-produced natural gas.

It is located on FPL-owned property in northeast Okeechobee County. The new facility – one of the cleanest, most efficient of its kind in the world – will also provide enormous economic benefits for the area.

The facility has a generating capacity of approximately 1,750 megawatts – enough to deliver power around-the-clock to more than 350,000 homes.

Port Everglades

We demolished the 1960s-era plant to make way for a state-of-the-art Next Generation Clean Energy Center. In 2016, Port Everglades began using high-efficiency, combined-cycle technology and running on clean, low-cost U.S.-produced natural gas to generate up to 1,277 megawatts of electricity.

This FPL plant runs on 35 percent less fuel, which helps keep customer bills low. It reduces air emissions by more than 90% and cuts the carbon dioxide emissions rate in half.

port everglades clean energy center

Other Clean Energy Centers

riviera beach clean energy center

Riviera Beach

The Riviera Beach Next Generation Clean Energy Center began serving customers in the spring of 2014 using cleaner and more affordable U.S.-produced natural gas.

The plant uses 33 percent less fuel per megawatt-hour, which saves customers money on future fuel costs and produces far fewer emissions.

cape canaveral plant

Cape Canaveral

In 2010, we took down our 1960s-era Cape Canaveral Plant, which had been built to power the space race and reliably served FPL customers for half a century.

In its place, we built a high-efficiency energy center that runs on clean, affordable, U.S.-produced natural gas.

west county plant

West County

This center consists of three combined-cycle generating units in western Palm Beach County. All three units are safe, clean, efficient, reliable and cost-effective sources of power.

In keeping with our commitment to environmental stewardship, each unit is equipped with the best available emission-control equipment.