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During an emergency, it is important to keep phone lines available for emergency workers. Do not use the telephone unless you need special assistance. If you need emergency assistance, call 911. 

You can get messages sent directly to your mobile phone during an emergency by signing up for mobile and digital alerts.

This information has been prepared by Florida Power & Light in cooperation with the Florida Department of Homeland Security and Emergency Management, St. Lucie County Emergency Management Agency and Martin County Emergency Management Agency. You may obtain further information from any of the following organizations:

St. Lucie County Contact Information
St. Lucie County Department of Public Safety
(772) 462-8100

St. Lucie County Health Department
(772) 462-3800

Martin County Contact Information
Martin County Fire Rescue, Division of Emergency Management
(772) 287-1652

Martin County Health Department
(772) 221-4000

State Assistance Information Line (SAIL)
(800) 342-3557

St. Lucie Nuclear Power Plant website

Important Safety Information

Emergency Information

St. Lucie Emergency Planning


School Relocation

Emergency Alert System

Siren Testing Schedule

Contact Information

Complete Safety Information for St. Lucie Neighbors

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