In the unlikely event of an emergency at the Turkey Point power station, you will be notified through a variety of methods.

The emergency alert system will be activated. The emergency alert system is a group of radio and television stations that broadcast official information during an emergency. The emergency alert system is the direct link between you and the people responsible for your safety. Instructions may be given to you at any hour, day or night, and will include recommendations as to what you should do for your protection. Do not worry if you miss the beginning of an emergency broadcast as the information will be repeated regularly.


In an emergency, outdoor warning sirens within the 10-mile area surrounding the Turkey Point Nuclear Power plant for intervals of at least 15 minutes. When you hear a siren, tune to a local radio or television station listed below for emergency information and instructions.

If you do not have a radio or television, dial 3-1-1 if calling within Miami-Dade County or (305) 468-5900 if outside the county, TDD: (305) 468-5402.

Periodic siren tests are conducted by Miami-Dade Emergency Management officials.

Radio and Television Stations

Miami-Dade County

AM Radio

  • WIOD 610 (Primary emergency alert system station)
  • WFFG 1300
  • WKTZ 1500
  • WSRF 1580 (Creole)

FM Radio

  • WEOW 92.7
  • WKRY 93.5
  • WGMX 94.3
  • WKEZ 96.9
  • WSRF 99.5 (Creole)
  • WCTH 100.3
  • WKLG 102.1
  • WPIK 102.5
  • WFKZ 103.1
  • WWUS 104.1
  • WAVK 105.5
  • WRAU 106.3 (Spanish)
  • WIIS 107.1


Please consult your area cable listing for these channels.

  • CBS 4
  • NBC 6 South Florida
  • WPLG Local 10
  • WSVN 7
  • Univision 23, Miami
  • Telemundo 51
  • America Teve
  • WLRN 17

Monroe County

AM Radio

  • WIOD 610 (Primary Emergency Alert System station)
  • WINZ 940
  • WAQI 710 (Spanish)
  • WQBA 1140 (Spanish primary emergency alert system station)

FM Radio

  • WDNA 88.9
  • WMLV 89.7
  • WLRN 91.3
  • WFEZ 93.1
  • WPOW 96.5
  • WFLC 97.3
  • WEDR 99.1
  • WLYF 101.5
  • WAMR 17.5 (Spanish)


Please consult your area cable listing for these channels.

  • WFOR channel 4
  • WTVJ channel 6
  • WSVN channel 7
  • WPLG channel 10
  • WLTV channel 23
  • WSCV channel 51

Mobile and Digital Alerts

Miami-Dade County subscribers to MD Alerts can receive text messages (SMS) on their mobile phones or have alerts sent to their text pagers, email accounts or smart devices.

Monroe County subscribers to Alert!Monroe will receive messages on their preferred contact paths—cell phone, SMS (text), home phone, email, fax, pager and more—to ensure real-time access to potentially lifesaving information. Residents listed in the Monroe County public white/yellow page database will be automatically subscribed to alerts by phone, but Alert!Monroe allows citizens to self-register, provide additional contact information or opt out.


Up-to-date information will also be posted on this website as well as:

Additional means of notification

During an emergency local fire, police and emergency officials also may patrol affected areas within the emergency planning zone to broadcast information via loudspeakers and/or go door-to-door to ensure residents are aware of the situation.

Officials may use boats, loudspeakers, colored smoke and/or flares to alert those on waterways and in recreational areas.