FPL has been taking immediate action at Turkey Point while we simultaneously move to execute our long-term plans.

We are currently removing about 15 million gallons a day of hypersaline water from underneath the cooling canal system and safely mixing it with other salt water deep underground.  We’re also obtaining the permits to construct a system of wells that will safely draw back the hypersaline groundwater and help stop the underground flow of salt water to the west.

We’ve filed our first Consent Agreement annual report, which documents the steps we’re taking at Turkey Point.  Among the areas where we’ve shown positive progress:

  • A detailed three dimensional groundwater model was developed, calibrated and reviewed by multiple agencies to support the development of a system to remove additional hypersaline water.
  • We are successfully reducing salinity in the CCS and will be able to limit the seasonal increase typically seen during the dry season.
  • A full time Floridan aquifer water resource of 14 million gallons a day of brackish water is being added to the canals to achieve a salinity that will be in balance with Biscayne Bay.

You can read the full Consent Agreement annual report by clicking here.