FPL has been leading the smart, cost-conscious expansion of solar in Florida for more than a decade. Our universal solar energy centers enable everyone to enjoy the benefits of clean, affordable solar energy. Our investments in solar energy are part of forward-looking strategy of increasing clean energy while keeping customer bills among the lowest in the nation. FPL’s innovative approach to clean, fuel-efficient generation, which includes phasing out coal-fired and oil-burning power plants, has saved customers more than $8 billion in fuel costs and prevented 95 million tons of carbon emissions since 2001.

Universal Solar Energy Centers

FPL is proud to be leading the growth of affordable clean energy in the southeastern U.S., reducing emissions while keeping customer bills among the lowest in the nation. Last year we installed a million panels, tripling our solar capacity. It’s all part of our strategy of making smart investments that generate affordable clean energy for Floridians.

In 2016, we built three, 74.5-megawatt universal solar energy centers, each capable of generating enough solar to power about 15,000 homes. These solar plants and the ones FPL is building in the coming years are constructed cost-effectively, meaning there will be no net cost to customers after savings from fuel and other generation-related expenses. Universal solar is the most economical way to build solar in Florida; and it can produce 2.5 times more energy than private, residential-rooftop solar for the same dollar invested.

In 2017, FPL plans to build four more universal solar plants that cost-effectively deliver clean power to the energy grid that serves millions of Floridians.

2016 Universal Solar Energy Centers

Manatee Solar Energy Center

  • 762 acres in Manatee County
  • 74.5 megawatts of solar capacity
  • 338,448 PV panels

Citrus Solar Energy Center

  • 841 acres in DeSoto County
  • 74.5 megawatts of solar capacity
  • 338,448 PV panels

Babcock Ranch Solar Energy Center

  • 440 acres in Charlotte County
  • 74.5 megawatts of solar capacity as part of the Babcock Ranch community
  • 338,448 PV panels

FPL Martin Next Generation Clean Energy Center

FPL Martin Next Generation Clean Energy Center

At this first-of-its-kind “hybrid” solar facility in the world, which opened in 2010, we’ve teamed up Florida’s sunshine with affordable, American-produced natural gas. Together, they can deliver reliable electricity to you around the clock. When the sun is shining, we use more than 190,000 mirrors over roughly 500 acres to harness Florida’s sunshine.


How it Works

During the day, the sun’s rays heat fluid-filled tubes, producing steam, which generates electricity for your home or business.

At night or when it’s cloudy, U.S. natural gas steps in to continue producing clean electricity for you as featured in this video from America's Natural Gas Alliance.

FPL Space Coast Next Generation Solar Energy Center

FPL Space Coast Next Generation Solar Center

This innovative public-private partnership with NASA brings more clean, solar energy to our customers. The solar center leverages the expertise of NASA, the first pioneers of solar power use in space, and FPL’s leadership in renewable energy here at home. Located at Kennedy Space Center, it uses PV solar panels to convert light into electricity for you. 


Since it began serving our customers in 2010, this center generates 10 megawatts of zero-emissions energy, or enough to power 2,000 homes.

Like all of our solar energy centers, it helps us reduce foreign oil use and prevent the emission of about 13,000 metric tons of greenhouse gases each year, which is like removing 2,700 cars from the road.

FPL DeSoto Next Generation Solar Energy Center

DeSoto Next Generation Solar Energy Center in Arcadia, Fl on August 31, 2009.

At Florida’s first-ever solar energy center, 90,500 solar panels move into position to catch the sun’s rays. The largest of its kind in the nation when it opened in 2009, this facility continues to serve customers using photovoltaic, or “PV,” technology – a process for converting sunshine directly into electricity for our customers. It works for you during the day, when the sun is not hiding behind clouds, generating 25 megawatts of clean, zero-emissions energy. That’s enough to power about 5,000 homes.

The emissions-free center is estimated to help us eliminate nearly 37,000 metric tons of greenhouse gases each year and thousands of barrels of oil, making it a clean and energy independent way to bring you electricity.