How the FPL SolarNow program works

For about 30 cents a day, you can join other customers who are helping to support the development of solar energy projects in local communities. Here’s how it works:

  • When you enroll in the FPL SolarNow program, $9 will be added to your monthly FPL electric bill.
  • Funds go toward the construction of solar energy projects in local public areas, such as parks, zoos, schools and museums.
  • FPL will install, operate, and maintain these solar projects.
  • Clean, renewable energy generated from these assets is fed to the grid and benefits the entire community.

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FPL SolarNow project locations

FPL SolarNow energy projects - parking canopies, solar trees, walkways and more - will be built in local areas that are open to the public, highly visible and viewed as a community asset. These solar energy projects provide shade and generate clean, emissions-free energy we can all use, moving us closer to a cleaner energy future for generations to come.

Potential locations include:

  • City/county parks and recreation areas
  • Libraries, hospitals, airports, college campuses
  • Amphitheaters, performing art centers, museums
  • Zoos, botanical gardens, wild animal conservatories
FPL SolarNow canopies will be built in local areas that are open to the public.

Solar projects at Young at Art Museum in Broward County, the Palm Beach County Zoo and Conservation Society and the Palmetto Estuary Nature Preserve in Manatee County, are up and generating clean energy.

Our latest addition to the program – the Solar Trees, will be planted in local communities throughout Florida

*Assumes the high participation case in which 600 kW of assets are installed. This would equate to 858,000 kWh (per PV Watts 100 kW installed equals 143,000 kWh).