Florida Power & Light has joined the electrifying race to the future by supporting the expansion of Electrathon America across the state. This program provides hands-on opportunities for high school students to learn about STEM principles as they design, build, and race electric vehicles.

As students participate in driving the power of sustainable technology in action, they build valuable skills which can spark their interest in future STEM careers. Participation in Electrathon America also serves as a platform for them to apply their creativity in a practical setting, while encouraging teamwork, problem-solving and critical thinking.

Do you have an existing Electrathon America race team? Compete in one of our races this year. See the schedule below and contact electric-vehicles@FPL.com to register your team.

We are looking to establish new Electrathon teams across the state, providing a build-your-own electric vehicle kit, hands-on training (including teacher stipends), car maintenance resources and race participation. To learn more about Electrathon, visit Electrathon America and submit an expression of interest for consideration to participate.

electrathon racers driving around racetrack
close-up of electrathon racer in their car on the track
electrathon racers driving to finish line


Watch the Homestead-Miami race

homestead-miami speedway racetrack

2024 Race schedule

Contact electric-vehicles@FPL.com to register your team.

Saturday, April 6

Emerald Coast Electrathon 120

Six Flags Speedway, Pensacola, FL

Saturday, April 20

Florida Solar Energy Center, Cocoa Beach

In collaboration with Electrathon of Florida

View race recap

Saturday, June 8

Homestead-Miami Speedway, Homestead, FL

Fall schedule to be released