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FPL EVolution® Home

Plug into unlimited night and weekend charging at home for one low monthly price, no upfront costs and a hassle-free installation. Powering your EV with FPL EVolution Home is easy, convenient and worry-free.

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Find an FPL EVolution charger near you

With more than 1,000 charging points available, see how easy it is to find an EV charging station whether you’re near home or on a trip.


FPL EVolution now supports Teslas with NACS connectors

We are excited to announce select chargers now have dedicated NACS charging capability. 

✔ Florida Turnpike Service Plaza at Fort Drum

✔ Midtown PGA in Palm Beach Gardens

✔ City Center Park in Okeechobee

✔ Suncoast Credit Union in La Belle

✔ Colonial Square Plaza in Fort Myers

✔ Daytona Beach Shores Community Center

✔ Lockwood Commons in Bradenton


Note: While our newly installed NACS connectors are compatible with most newer Tesla models, there may be limitations with certain older models. Verify compatibility before charging.


Icons represent general illustration of charging station location(s). More than one station may be available in a given area.

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Download the app

The FPL EVolution app allows you to easily locate FPL EVolution charging stations and charge your vehicle. Download the app, available for iOS and Android devices, and drive confidently.




fpl mobile charger staged outside of a building

Mobile fast-charging trailer

The FPL EVolution mobile charging trailer – the first in Florida – can power up to six EVs at a time, making it easy to plug in during power outages, emergency evacuations, or at large events. We’re increasing range confidence in the Sunshine State so EV drivers can stay powered up when they’re on the go.

fpl evolution charger

Business solutions

Install EV chargers on your property or at your business. Attract more customers at no cost to you with public fast chargers, or electrify your fleet to lower total cost of ownership.

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FPL EVolution program benefits

  • More EV charging options, reducing range anxiety
  • Increases emergency evacuation route options for all drivers
  • Charging stations along major highways, large employers, and popular destinations
  • Promotes increased adoption of EVs
  • Ensures reliability of America’s smartest energy grid

Frequently Asked Questions

Get the answers to some frequently asked questions about FPL EVolution and more.