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Today, FPL is the largest generator of solar energy in Florida with more than 40 solar energy centers in operation and additional solar installations across the state.

Our solar energy centers generate clean energy for homes and businesses across Florida. Each 74.5 megawatt (MW) solar energy center can produce enough zero-emissions energy to power approximately 15,000 homes per year while eliminating emissions equivalent to taking 14,000 cars off the road each year.

For more than a decade, FPL has been leading the smart, cost-conscious expansion of solar energy in Florida, and now, we are rapidly adding even more solar while continuing to keep customer bills among the lowest in the nation.

How universal solar energy centers work

Watch this video to learn how solar energy centers work.

how solar power works video

FPL Solar Energy Center Characteristics


No louder than the ambient noise of the neighborhood* 

Job Creator

Creates ~200-250 jobs during peak construction, generating an economic boost for local businesses


Poses no concern for water supply, public health or additional fire risk


Protects land, water and wildlife

Good Investment

Adds to the county tax base

Good Neighbors

No lights at night, no increase to traffic, panels sit low to the ground and are often hidden from view

*Based on noise levels at a distance of 150 feet from the inverters - closer than a typical site setback

solar panels at wildflower solar center

FPL Solar Stewardship Program

Our solar stewardship program involves site-specific environmental enhancements and preservation plans. That includes restoring wetland and upland habitats by planting native trees, shrubs, grasses and wildflowers to make solar sites more bird- and pollinator-friendly. We also consider the installation of wildlife-friendly fencing, nest boxes for waterfowl and cavity birds and T-perches for raptors to enhance the use of native wildlife at our solar sites.

Protecting the environment is crucial, but we can’t do it alone. Through a partnership with Audubon Florida, an organization which advocates for the protection of land, water and wildlife, the majority of FPL solar energy centers are or will be solar stewardship sites.

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